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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Michelle Whoop-ie!

Yes, I know.

Many of my peers have already lamented on Team Wie and the gang's insistence on making MW play in this week's Samsung World Championship via a sponsor exemption handed to her several months ago (before the evidential downward spiral). All this in lieu of Annika Sorenstam bowing out as a courtesy to the higher-ranked Sarah Lee (I'll bet she's got some great recipes), who's getting the chance to play. Classy...

Yeah, yeah yeah. Nice work Annika, but this blog is all about the ridiculousness that is Wie. I sat in a press conference a couple weeks ago and heard Tiger comment on, (I'm paraphrasing) why Michelle Wie flat out stinks.

He said she doesn't know how to win. She has no clue what it's like to face competitors who at times, are just as good as you are---are then know how to beat them. I couldn't agree more with Sir Woods. Wie has no clue what it means to win and beat opponents who are playing at not his or her highest level, but THE highest level---unless you count the millions of dollars she's already made. I guess that's winning in some messed up way.

So Michelle, if you're listening here's my advice: quit. Stop pretending you're a professional. Cuz you're not. Go to school, enjoy it, then consider going pro. We're tired of this.

And to B.J. Wie: knock it off. You're not helping anything, and the micro-management of your daughters aspirations have darn near killed her shot at ever competing at the highest level of WOMEN's golf. You're greedy, and everyone can see right through you.

Michele Wie is blessed with incredible talent, and cursed with horrendous career advice. She'd be better off trying to qualify to play for Stanford and working her way through the college ranks to learn what it takes to win. Maybe that's what she needs to get her head in the game.

Otherwise, I'm too annoyed to even finish my blog and support my cause. Maybe you bloggers out there can do it for me. I'm going to go back to watching the Whatchamacallit Open on The Golf Channel. Sorry, I mean, Golf Channel (sans the).

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Martha Post said...

I think that this just proves that there ought to be an age limit on competitors who are young. They may have remarkable athletic talent but the mental part and experience part have to come with competing and winning. I think Michelle Wie got ahead of herself in her quest and is now paying for it. I hope it is not too late for her to salvage this talent for the future.