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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Presidents and Golf

On this historic day, I thought I'd comb through YouTube and post some videos of our Presidents' golf swings. To my surprise, there's not much to see. President George W. Bush famously announced that he'd given up the game in 2003 this past May, and video and YouTube hadn't really permeated our everyday lives before him. That said, there is this video of President George H.W. Bush hitting a few shots (including a shank at 1:34) in this piece by a local Maine news program:

And, of course, there's a video of President Obama, warming up on the range while on vacation in Hawaii. (He dead chunks one at 2:40.)

Neither man's swing is anything to write home about and that's just how we like it at GT. It brings to mind the old adage, which I'll paraphrase: "If you can't break 80 you don't have any business being on the golf course and if you can break 80 you don't have any business."

We prefer our presidents to duff it around on the golf course and spend most of their time working.

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