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Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday Afternoon Golf Tips from the Northern Trust Open

In our final batch of tips from this year's Northern Trust Open we take a look at one of the most mechanically sound players on Tour, a leftie who likes to dress loud and the Tour's most unorthodox swing.

First up, the mechanically sound 2008 Masters champion Trevor Immelman. There aren't many moving parts in his swing. It's compact, athletic and he finishes in balance.

Behind those elevee slacks (below) is the 2006 Valero Texas Open champ, Eric Axley.

We confess, it's not an angle used in golf magazines or websites to show proper positions, but there's still something to learn. Take a look at his right leg. See how "firm" it is on his follow-through and that it's basically in the same position in his backswing? If you sway off the ball, do what Axley's does. Keep your forward leg "solid" through impact and you'll impart proper rotation and prevent swaying.

And now for what's Alan Shipnuck calls one of "the most unorthodox swings in pro golf." We'll go one step further and say it's THE MOST UNORTHODOX SWING IN PRO GOLF. And to emphasize we'll put it in caps and bold it too.

As Shipnuck notes Singh's club is "laid off at the top...

... and [his] downswing [has] a pronounced outside-in swipe."


Look how little (if any) hip rotation there is. It's a total arm swing. Not surprisingly Singh doesn't hit the ball very far.

We're struggling to pull a lesson from these shots, so we'll just say sometimes no matter how fundamentally "bad" your swing is, with lots of practice and crazy good hand/eye coordination you can make it as a Tour pro.

Any thoughts on Singh's swing? Let us know.

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