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Friday, August 14, 2009

Golf Channel....oy vey

I was fortunate to work from home yesterday and couldn't help but watch some of Golf Channel's coverage of the PGA Championship. Or should I say, unfortunate?

Frank Nobilo is somewhat interesting and Kelly Tilghman is predictable but easy to listen to, but who in their right mind thinks Alex Miceli has the chops to comment on what it takes to win a major is beyond me.

No offense to Alex. I don't know him personally. He may be a great guy, decent writer and so forth. Then again, he does have a really annoying show on the Golf Channel that he shares with Andrew Magee, who at the very least has the experience on Tour and who can speak from having been there. Hmm, now that's a whole different topic. Magee deserves his own show.

Maybe it's just me, but I think Miceli, or any other keyboard stomper for the matter, has no business explaining to the golfing public what it takes to hunker down and win a major. Seriously. If anyone should comment on that, it should be someone who has won a major, played in a major or at the very least, a swing coach who has helped a player prepare or win a major.

Hey beat writers, including you Alex:

Do us a favor and report and don't offer advice. Ask some other players what they think it takes to win. Don't make your own assumptions. Puh-lease. It's driving us crazy. We have enough armchair quarterbacks already come Monday morning.

1 comment:

Ares Vista said...

Thank you! I've been saying the same thing, thanks for putting it down so directly. I like the guy, but what the hell does he know about winning a freakin' major tournament?