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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Straight Down the Middle

It's self-promotion Thursday here at GT.

This week, we're proud to announce the release of Josh Karp's latest book, "Straight Down the Middle: Shivas Irons, Bagger Vance, and How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love My Golf Swing." Karp is Golf Tips' newest contributor, and the funnyman behind our "Please Explain" column. (We've given him the unenviable task of digging up obscure information about rules, statistics and popular golf swing theories, and somehow Karp manages to make them read like a Woody Allen sketch.)

In "Straight Down the Middle," the native Chicagoan travels the country seeking advice from non-traditional instructors (a guy who has a range set up in his basement, a yogi, a martial arts sensei...the list goes on) with the hope of lowering his handicap and quieting his demons. Does he manage to pull off his 2 for 1 special? Who cares? It's a rollicking road trip and Karp is just the kind of driver you want behind the wheel, although you may get into a few minor fender benders along the way.

Wear your seat belt and enjoy the trip.


Anonymous said...

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