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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Another Monkey Gone

By Charlie Schroeder

Like the back nine on Sunday at Augusta, the final round of the Deutsche Bank Championship is quickly becoming golf's must-see TV.

For the past few years Tiger and Vijay were the players in this drama, but those showdowns couldn't compare to yesterday afternoon's dart throwing clinic put on by Tiger and Phil. If, on Thanksgiving it's the turkey that gets cold while Uncle Mort watches the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders, then on Labor Day it's the coleslaw that loses out to the awesome play at the Deutsche Bank.

Of course today the Tour is claiming yesterday's nail biter of a finish was a boon for the FedEx Playoffs. Huh, that's strange, because I didn't once think about whether Phil was going to lead the FedEx Cup standings at the end of the day. (Phil probably didn't either. In his post-round interview he admitted he was torn as to whether he should play in Chicago this week at the BMW claiming that Tour commissioner Tim Finchem hasn't held up his end of the deal on a couple of important issues.)

What excited me (and probably everybody else) was watching Phil match Tiger shot for shot down the stretch and finally pull off a victory. It's another monkey off his back and now that his wrist is finally healed, Mickelson is back in top shape. Just in time for football season.

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Patti said...

Dems my guys! Go Phil! Go Tiger! I wish I'd seen favorite golf tourney's to watch are those where Tiger and Phil go at it. Those two are just awesome to watch!