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Friday, September 21, 2007

PGA Bore

It's lunch on a Friday, so my colleagues and I sat down in the conference room to watch some midday PGA Tour coverage on the Golf Channel. The event is the Turningstone Resort Championship, the first in the post Fed Ex Cup era.

Oh boy....I think I'd rather watch paint dry.

Not only does the Fall Finish lack real star power, it looks like the golf courses are ridiculously easy. Now, a conspirator I am not, but when courses are this benign, it's likely the PGA Tour is expecting uber-low scoring in hopes of sparking interest in these events (hey, some guy shooting a 59 is exactly what the Fall Finish needs.) Either way, it's still dull. And don't even get me started in the Golf Channel's coverage of the event...watching 15-year veterans milk out a few extra thousand dollars so they can play next year is a tough sell (yawn.)

Now, I don't want to be a groaner without providing some new ideas. So here we go.

1. Double Cuts: Cut the field after Friday, then again after Saturday. This will reward the players who are playing better with more money, and really make the guys who are teetering on the bubble start to sweat.

2. Free admission: Seriously, let the fans in for free. All the money is made on booze anyway.

3. Celebrity Pro-Ams: Why only in the early season? Let's see Ray Romano make a fool out of himself one more time a year.

4. LPGA and PGA: Invite not one, but 20 of the LPGA's best to play. Let em play the forward tees and see what happens.

5. The Caddie Cam. Rig some of the caddies on tour with cameras and mics. Hey, I'd watch it.

How about you? Any ideas? Log on and comment!


Anonymous said...

I agree! I LOVE the double cuts idea!

Patti said...

Caddy cam is a GREAT idea, Ryan! I'd watch, too!

Anonymous said...

Well said, Mr. Noll, well said.