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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Hot and Heavy in Tulsa

Lately, I've been wondering why the PGA insisted on hosting its Championship in the middle of August in Tulsa, Oklahoma. No discredit to the Southern Hills, it's a worthy venue. But in August?

Monday in Tulsa has already seen upwards of 18 people treated for heat exhaustion. And those are just the spectators during practice rounds! Just wait until Sunday rolls around. Temps are expected to top out at over 100 degrees. I don't even want to know what the humidity will be.

In case you weren't aware, Golf Tips HQ is a chipshot from the Pacific Ocean in Santa Monica. I can see it right now, actually. So, I can personally attest that the weather is always perfect here, especially in August.

Why wouldn't the PGA and other late summer events take advantage of the best summertime weather in the country? I'm talking about taking advantage of cooler, more comfortable temps and optimized course conditions out west? What about Pebble Beach? It's perfect there this time of year. Same goes up the entire coastline...Bandon Dunes would be amazing too.

My point is, it'd be nice to get more late summer events along the west coast. We get a bad rep, considering the West Coast Swing is in the winter. And while it's rain and not snow to contend with, it's still not as nice in the winter as it is in the summer out here.

For those who don't believe us, wait'll you see the US Open at Torrey Pines next year. And to the PGA Tour, come see what I mean.

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