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Monday, August 6, 2007

Slow Motion Analysis

By Charlie Schroeder

One of the ways our website has improved recently is through the addition of a number of excellent video swing tips. We're now using an HD camera that delivers crystal clear widescreen images to your desktop. I guess you could say Golf Tips has officially gone Hollywood.

One thing we don't have yet is one of those super slow motion cameras the networks put into use during tournaments. While watching the Bridgestone on Saturday I found myself pausing, rewinding and then rewatching a number of shots captured with it. One, a wedge shot by Tiger, is worth mentioning.

His shot perfectly demonstrated how compressing the ball is a vital component to producing proper spin and ball flight. In fact, when shown in slow motion it took a couple seconds post-contact for a divot to even appear! Woods hit the ball first and then made a divot. It's a good mantra when practicing iron shots on the driving range: "ball first, then divot, ball first, then divot."

When Tiger's club finally dug into the ground, a massive beaver pelt was produced, thus emphasizing how significantly he hit down on the ball.

It's a simple "back-to-basics" concept, but one that I routinely see amateurs struggle with.

Hey, want to see what our HD video looks like? Check it out here.


golfhead said...

When ar eyou going to show me some love?

Paul said...

Golf tip, HD videos look great - as good as anything I've seen on the web!