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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Is Boo Weekley for real?

Here's the deal.

I have sources. Sources who say the man behind the poe-dunk veil is actually more clever and more intelligent than his I-don't-really-know-much-about-the-Ryder-Cup persona may project.

But frankly, does it matter?

Not if you're asking me, it doesn't. I happen to like Boo's schtick, whether it's real or not. His irreverence is refreshing to me. So what if he's not that familiar with the Ryder Cup (which ironically, he just might wind up playing in.) Before I write my ticket to golf journalist oblivion and say one negative thing about it, I'll say that I tend to feel similar sentiments towards the RC matches myself. I mean, sure, they're fun to watch, and occasionally serve as a stage for some excellent golf. But so does literally every Tour event for that matter. And if if you're busy working on your game, why would you be concerned with it?

And, not to harp on the Ryder Cup, but really. The US against the UK/Europe? A "blood match" against some of our closest allies on the War on Terror? Come on. It's golf. A lot of the competitors live and/or earn a living in the US anyway.

I'm with you, Boo. I don't see what all the fuss is about. I think it'd be more fun if the Ryder Cup was, well, more fun. That's how it used to be, before it became a big marketing blitz fueled by overzealous golf writers. If anything, the upcoming Presidents Cup is a more worldly and interesting approach to competition. Throw Europe in there and we can kill two birds with one stone.

Finally, I'm not sure if you heard, but Boo approached Paul Lawrie during the Scottish Open and while referring to the Open Championship he asked, "How'd you get in? You qualify?"

A faux pas? Yes. Funny? Also yes. Boo received his fair share of embarrassment for not identifying the '99 winner, but then again, how many of you out there can pick Paul Lawrie from a lineup?

The FedEx Cup is coming up, which Boo also stated he doesn't "get." Now, how could you not root for someone like that? He's got the game to actually win the thing.

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