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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

It's a flag, not a rag


I understand she was probably pretty excited to shake that monkey off her back and put an end to the constant comparison to the non-winning Anna Kournikova (although, most women would love just to be compared to her), Natalie Gulbis probably should have been a little more aware come time to pose for a photo with the trophy.

Google her name and you'll see photos of her sitting on a stool, drapped in the American flag. And while the flag is not only touching the ground (even though it's French ground), she's also sitting on it. Hmmm. Now, is this a display of blissful patriotism or is she trying to make a political statement?

We're kidding, Natalie. Even though we recommend you don't perch yourself on Old Glory anytime soon, America appreciates your willingness to show your patriotism overseas and it's very much appreciated. Congratulations on win #1.

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