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Friday, July 6, 2007

Yep, We're Lucky.

By Ryan Noll

As Senior Editor here at Golf Tips, I've got a great job. I spend my day talking golf, writing about golf and studying golf, with the intent of not only helping our readers improve at this game, but also in helping myself become better. (Hey, I'd be deceiving you if I didn't tell you I was in it for my good too.) In fact, the same holds true for my fellow editors, as we all are dedicated to helping you improve just as much as we enjoy improving ourselves. And so far, things seem to have gone our way.

We take pride in knowing the fact that our top three editors each play to a single-digit handicap, which for you means we can better work with our instructors to help make the game easier to understand. In addition, two of us (myself included) have worked as golf instructors, one of us as a PGA teaching professional. Not bad for a bunch of pencil pushers, eh? And judging by the improvements a few staffers have seen in the last few months, we can prove that if you apply the instruction we and our contributing instructors present, it definitely works.

Also, being on staff at Golf Tips affords us the great opportunity to be immersed in cutting-edge, world-class golf instruction every day. Whether it's a short tip, full-length feature, video tip or a mixture of each, we live and breathe this stuff. That said, we've also come to realize that not every tip is right for every kind of player. You can spend all day reading every story in Golf Tips and on this Website, and unless you know what you're looking for, the odds of you improving are less than the odds of you becoming more confused about the golf swing.

Instead, heed the following advice. Just as there are more ways than one way to slice a golf ball, there's also more than one way to fix the banana ball. No matter what your problem, you'll likely to encounter a bunch of tips that may sometimes contradict one another. That doesn't mean one is right or wrong; instead it proves that golf is an individual's game, and no two swings are ever exactly the same. Some swings respond to certain types of swing advice, while others don't. The key is in finding a particular teaching style and philosophy that resonates most with your learning and playing style. Once you do that, you'll find it easier to start implementing those tips into your golf game.

Start by perusing the articles on our Website written by different instructors, each of whom have their own take on how to improve. Skim each section then check out our Lesson Finder for tips on every facet of the game. When you find a tip that makes sense to you, take it with you to the practice range and give it a try. Success depends on your level of commitment, so don't expect overnight cures or magic swing fixes! This is a tough game, but lucky for you, we've got some of the brightest and most dedicated instructors in the business to help you get your game on track. And of the editors, we're right along with you in our pursuit to improve, so don't hesitate to ask us a question about what kind of stories you'd like us to cover, or if you have questions on a particular feature. Drop us an e-mail at editors@golftipsmag.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it and who knows...maybe your plea will help us decide what kinds of stories to put together in next year's issues of GT.

Most of all, have fun on our Website! Check us out often. Oh and by the way, what you see now is just the beginning. We'll be rolling out all kinds of great stuff on our new Website this summer, including the opportunity to send messages directly to our instructors that will be answered in our upcoming Golf Tips Readers Forum. This will be your chance to post topics for discussion and share a dialogue with top instructors and equipment gurus from across the country!

It's just the beginning folks. Stay tuned for more!


Ryan Noll
Senior Editor

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