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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Bad Lies

By Charlie Schroeder

During my round yesterday at the newly refurbished "Ike" Course at Industry Hills Golf Club near LA, I put a new hybrid into play. Although it's not the manufacturer's newest model, Hot Stix (the high-tech club fitting studio) recommended I add it to my bag during my visit to their new Denver, CO facility. With a special hybrid shaft fitted in it I crushed it off the tee on the Ike's signature hole, number 17.

However, my ball flight bugged me. It hooked too much. In the past I would have taken it, but after my visit to Hot Stix, I know I'm capable of reducing spin (and gaining distance in the process).

How do I know this?

It's simple really. Standard clubs (bought "off the rack"), like my irons or that hybrid are too upright for me, meaning that when I address the ball the toe comes off the ground. There are a couple reasons for this including my height and how low I hold my hands at address. When I swing, the heel naturally returns to the ground first, causing the toe to "cross the line" and turn over. Thus, putting hook spin on the ball.

Hot Stix solved this problem by flattening my irons' lie angle by three degrees (about as extreme as you can get), but I've yet to flatten my new hybrid. According to the manufacturer's representative, my hybrid can be bent two degrees, which should straighten out my shots and add yards.

My tip for you, go to a clubfitter. At worst it'll improve your game, at best it could change your life.

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