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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Beware "Cheap" Masters Tickets

Over the past few days I've received emails touting "once in a lifetime prices" to this year's Masters Tournament.

While the current economic malaise has certainly created a number of excellent bargains for golfers, I'm not sure 10-20% discounts over last year's prices qualify as "once in a lifetime." First of all, the stock market's down 50% and today it was reported that household net worth fell 18% in 2008, so anything that's discounted below 18% really isn't a discount at all.

StubHub sent an email that listed last year's prices and this year's current average prices. Let's consider the $3,377 "Competition Package." Last year the same package rang up for $3,930. While that may be $553 less than last year it's only a 14% discount, which, with household net worth down 18% (not to mention increased unemployment and less money overall being made this year) is actually an increase over last year's prices.

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